Sunday, September 20, 2015

Laptop sleeve for my little brother

*Uitgebreide Nederlandstalige versie hier*

Tomorrow, my little brother will have his first day at the university of Leuven, where I study as well. For his birthday, he got a new laptop to be used while studying, and I made a sleeve to protect it during transportation.
Meneer de Student

The pattern comes from the Belgian sewing book Zo Geknipt 2, a beautiful book with a lovely layout and perfect explanations.  
Meneer de Student Meneer de Student

I cut the pattern pieces in two and played a little with the right and the wrong side of the dark blue fabric. It gave a special touch, which I accentuated even more by topstitching randomly with light blue thread.
Meneer de Student
Meneer de Student

My dear brother, I wish you some beautiful years in Leuven! Find new friends, enjoy the freedom, and everything will be alright. I'm sure you will do it brilliantly. Enjoy!
Meneer de Student
Pattern: Meneer de Directeur, Zo Geknipt!2
Outer fabric: dark blue canvas
Inner fabric: Triangularity Topaz, Art Gallery

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