Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Miss Polly and Miss Liv

As soon as I saw the first version of Miss Polly, I knew she and Liv would become good friends. Two months later I finally managed to sew her a Miss Polly Dress!

Completely Sewpony-inspired: her mom chose the fabric after she saw this dress passing by on Facebook. It's called "vintage kitten" and comes in three qualities: quilting cotton, cotton knit and sweater fabric. Designed by children's fashion brand De Melkbrigade, for sale at Bambiblauw! (I guess they do international shipping. And if you stop by, have a look at the other fabrics designed by De Melkbrigade. I'm completely in love with their Summer Swans!)

Miss Polly + Liv

At first I didn't really like the colors of the vintage kitten fabric. The black and brown seemed too harsh to me for little girls. But when I combined with light pink and yellow, the colors suddenly lit up. I love the way the design of the pattern gives you the ability to play with different colors!

Miss Polly + Liv

And Liv, she loves the loose fit of the dress. Perfect for playing!

Miss Polly + Liv
Miss Polly + Liv

And have you seen my new labels yet? Previously I used to make my own using a stamp and textile paint, but I like these som much better! They were gifted to me by Nominette.

I'm happy with my new labels, Liv is happy with her new dress. Thank you Nominette and Sewpony! 

Miss Polly + Liv

Cats fabric: Vintage Kitten - De Melkbrigade & Bambiblauw
Pink fabric: Soft Cactus
Pattern: Miss Polly, Dutch version - Sewpony (size 134) 


  1. So cute! Thus fabric looks great in a Miss Polly! Your labels are great too!!

    1. I bet every fabric looks great in a Miss Polly ;) Thanks!

  2. What a fab dress! Perfect colours combination. I think I understand what you are saying about the black and brown. My daughter would have not approved of them, but I am sure the kittens would have melted her kitty-loving heart! Personally, i love the print :)


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