Thursday, June 23, 2016

The outside kids and their outside clothes

The month of June was all about final exams at university and not that much about sewing. But as my summer holidays started, I'll make up for that soon! To start with, two easy projects in knits for my neighbor kids.
Lans and Roos play outside all day long, I could hear their little voices scream and laugh while I was studying ;) Comfortable clothes are a necessary ingredient for good play, so I took the Billie shirt pattern by Zonen09 and the Princess Castle dress pattern by Ottobre to make them some comfy play clothes!
Lans + Roos
Lans + Roos
Roos is such a happy kid, always singing and telling imaginative stories. The fabric matches her personality so well! 
The dress is still a little long now, but at her growth speed it will be perfect length for their summer vacation.
Her big brother Lans got a Billie shirt by Zonen09. The pattern is great: nice fit, good instructions, and it comes in several languages. Designer Sharon is a friend of mine and she's such a talented lady! Billie offers a lot of options, like raglan sleeves and a V-neck, but I chose to keep it simple. My brain wasn't ready for difficult projects yet, after all the studying ;) 
These two kids know what they want. They chose the fabrics themselves (and I was happy, since those were on the pile "don't remember why I ever bought them") and they were extremely satisfied with the result. So was I!
Lans + Roos
T-shirt pattern: Billie by Zonen09, size 8yo length 7yo
T-shirt fabric: bought from her (I used 0,5m)
Dress pattern: Princess Castle - Ottobre 4/2013 - size 7yo without seam allowance
Dress fabric: Lillestoff (I used 1m)

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  1. Lovely children!

    - Seyra x


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