Friday, August 12, 2016

Tulip blog tour - day 5

This is already the last day of the Tulip blog tour! Time flies when you're having fun!

Our first contributor of the day is Griet from the Emma&Mona-blog (previous Project Run&Play-winner and author of two sewing books). She sewed this super cool dress in size 116!

Annelies (Liezewiezewoes)  thought she wouldn't have time to participate, but she even managed to sew two! A top in size 122 and a dress in size 110 voor kleine Nena. To see both, hop over to her blog ;-) 

Aukje doesn't have a blog, but she's guestblogging at Katrien's today. Don't you think her daughter looks like a little gnome wearing her top in size 98 ?

Last but not least, Laurence (Blanche) is showing you her dress in size 98 here!

This means we've come to the end of the testers tour. Tomorrow, Katrien and I will be showing some of the pretest versions!

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