Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A solution to my health problem

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On my Dutch blog, I have been writing about my health problems quite a lot. I love writing and for me it's a way to be creative and to reflect on myself. A few months ago I started this English spin-off of my blog because I noticed an increase in international visitors. However, I'm not super comfortable in writing in English and my writings here are definitely no pieces of art. But since some of you have been so supportive about my health problems, both here and on Instagram, I feel that I owe you some more explanation about how they finally came to an end. But please forgive me the non-poetic language ;)

For two years, I have been suffering from an unknown disease, taking away my energy and giving me pain and nausea in return. Every single day I threw up all I ate. The pain was all over me and often I couldn't do anything else than lay in bed and wait for the day to pass. I had to diminish my study load, I put my social life on hold. Although it went with ups and downs, it was a very tough time. And the hardest part was not knowing what caused it, not knowing if it would ever leave again. I feared that this would stay with me for the rest of my life, I even feared I wouldn't survive it. I saw so many doctors and no one seemed to know what was happening to me.

Until suddenly... a test revealed that all my misery was caused by a stomach problem. Not even a rare nor a dangerous problem, just something they had somehow overlooked. With the right medication, I'm finally recovering.  I was undernourished and my body was tired of all the fighting, but now I start to gain weight again, and with extra food comes extra energy. I am so grateful for every day I wake up without pain. For everything I can do without feeling totally exhausted.

Step by step, I slowly start feeling Eva again. 
Picture taken in Bokrijk last February


  1. Eva, I'm so happy for you!!! This is wonderful news. You must feel like you have a new life :).

  2. I am very happy to hear this Eva. I knew of your health problems for some time, and I am so glad the cause was finally detected! Not knowing is the worst. Well, now you are getting better you will need a whole new wardrobe ;)

    1. Ha ha ha, I'm not planning on getting super fat either ;) Or maybe I should, because I'd love to do some sewing again!


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