Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Ell-issie in Wonderland

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Stories without endings, the new fabric collection by the Belgian textile designer Lotte Martens, is coming to the stores!

I work for Lotte a day a week as a job student and I love it soooo much. Actually, my working day is my favorite day of the week ;-) Lotte prints her fabrics by hand and they are all gorgeous. Look at this ombre knit, isn't it just too cute?

Ellis in Issie

A major advantage of working for Lotte is that she needs someone to sew tests with her new fabrics. Well, how could I say no to that? ;-)
Ellis in Issie

The new collection offers loads of different fabric types, like scooba, plissé, woven basics and mohair that looks like you've knitted it yourself; all with the handprinted Lotte Martens touch. For this post I chose for the Aronia Pink jersey knit and an Issie top by Sewpony.

Ellis in Issie

The Aronia jersey has an ombre print and the pattern pieces of the Issie top invited me to play with the stripes and color differences.
Ellis in Issie

I also made a skirt to go with it. One of Lotte Martens' main principles is that the more 'extravagant' fabrics of her limited editions always combine easily with her basic collection. For the skirt I used Spacer Limonium Rainbow, a funky knit fabric which I already used here in the silver color way.

Ellis in Issie

I added a little butterfly to the skirt, which is an application also designed and handprinted by Lotte. Her Pimp It collection is a set of DIY-packs for easy embroidery so you can add a LM-touch to all your bags and garments!

Ellis in Issie

I sewed this outfit for Ellis, a cute little two-year-old with loads of imagination. Stories without endings? She just invents them herself!

Ellis in Issie

Her story itself is a brave one, since Ellis is fighting cancer. She is a little girl whom I got to know because she was in the same hospital as I was during my illness. At first I had planned to sew an Issie for Liv (the 9-year-old I babysit and mostly sew for), but the day after I got the invitation for the Issie blog tour Ellis’ mom asked me if I knew an easy-to-sew pattern with ruffles. I told her about Issie and she was very enthusiastic yet a little scared to start sewing with knits, so I promised her I’d sew an Issie for Ellis first. She bought the pattern right after we took the pictures and she already sewed an Issie herself too! Check it out here.

Ellis in Issie

After being ill myself I have a strong desire to mean something to other people going through similar misery. I remember getting depressed of the grey ugliness of the hospital, so I tried to brighten up their day with a colorful outfit! 

Ellis in Issie

The knit fabrics will be distributed to all the Lotte Martens stores (you can find them listed here) within the coming weeks. Keep an eye on Lottes facebookpagina for the exact dates! The skirt fabric is already for sale, as is the Issie pattern. The code ISSIERELEASE10 gives you a 10% discount.

Ellis in Issie

T-shirt pattern: Issie top - Sewpony - size 18mo
T-shirt fabric: Aronia Pink - Lotte Martens (I used 50 cm)
Skirt fabric: Spacer Limonium Rainbow - Lotte Martens (I used half a panel)
Butterfly application: DIY pack Zinnia 003 - Lotte Martens
Model: Ellis, almost 3 yo

Ellis in Issie

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  1. A gorgeous outfit for a gorgeous little girl. Thank you Eva!

  2. Such a pretty outfit for a beautiful girl! I hope she is doing well!

    1. She is fighting so bravely. Her tumor is almost defeated, but the chances of returning are still about 50% ...

  3. Oh Eva, this is such a beautiful, beautiful outfit - those fabrics are gorgeous! She's such a sweet little girl and I hope she is well.


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