Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Tulip international blog tour - day 3

Day 3, and I've got three Tulips to show you today! Isn't that a perfect coincidence? :)

Yesterday we had a very international Tulip bouquet, today we stay a little closer to home. Moreover, I know two of the little models in person!

First up is Mieke, blogging at Sisko by Mieke, who lives only an hour drive from my home. We met at a blog meet three years ago and kept in touch since then. Last year she even helped me out with one of my university assignments. At that time I also met her daughter Janne, a five-year-old with the cutest smile in town. A five-year-old with lots of energy too, so it didn't quite surprise me when Mieke e-mailed me to ask whether the armholes of our pattern would be big enough to get a plaster cast through. Janne broke her elbow but she still manages to model her Tulip top with a natural flair! More pictures at Sisko by Mieke!

Another blogger child that has a little place in my heart is Liv. Her mom Riet is the most creative pattern designer I know: all of her patterns (like the One to Hug baby jacket, the Mix 'n Match satchel or the Just Knot It dress) are so refined and unique. One of her sewing books has even been translated to English now, and it's full of cute little sewing projects! You should definitely take a look at Sew Snappy if you hadn't heard of it before. But before that you should take a look at the Tulip top she made for the tour!

Last up for today is one of my favorite international bloggers: Olga from Coffee + Thread. I have to admit I was a little scared when emailing her with my invitation for the tour, since she is such an authority in the blogging and pattern designing community that I felt too humble to contact her ;) But Olga was so friendly and she gave us some really useful tips for the fit of Tulip and future patterns. And the Tulip she made is just amazing! She used a very special fabric for the tulip petals and a plain blue one for the skirt, which gives the dress an artistic touch. As always, her pictures are real artworks too. Hop over to Coffee + Thread for more!

Enjoy today's inspiration, and come back tomorrow for more!


  1. Oh goodness, Eva, you are making me blush! Thank you for your kind words! Happy you like the dress! It's such a great pattern!


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