Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My favourite pictures of 2016

My blogging friend Lies asked me for my favourite pictures of 2016, so here they are! Some of them were chosen for the moment they represent, others because the picture itself makes me smile. Enjoy!

JANUARY. A simple picture taken with my phone, but such a great moment. Mid-January yet on our terrace it felt like summer. The examens had just finished and my brother and I spent the whole afternoon playing board games outside.

FEBRUARY. Suse in her Ileanadress. The first time I photographed kids in Manual mode and I still love the result.

MARCH. The first summer sunbeams lit our kitchen windowsill and my best friend Jan and I just sat there and enjoyed the warmth.

JUNE. Right after the exams, I spent a week with two dear friends. Just relaxing and making time for each other. This picture was taken on a bike tour when we suddenly decided to pick some flowers for a spontaneous bouquet.

JULY. My sister and my little cousin in Valencia. Nothing was edited, these were the natural colors of the salt lakes.

 JULY. Again my sister in Valencia, again an unedited picture. I love the light!

AUGUST. My biggest project of 2016: our Tulip Dress and Top pattern!

AUGUST. Suddenly my sister and our two guests decided they wanted to sew something, there was no space left in my sewing room for me!

AUGUST. Loes in the Just Knot It dress I sewed for her. I love the pop of color against her dark skin!

SEPTEMBER. A week of camping in France with a dear friend. 

DECEMBER. Christmas walk with torchlights and another dear friend.

I wish you all a beautiful 2017 !
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  1. Aw your December and June photos are my favorite! So lovely!


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