Thursday, September 21, 2017


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A fabric with a dreamy name and a beautiful print, that is Moonstone by Atelier Brunette. I had set myself the goal to use up some of my stash before buying new fabrics, but this one made me fail. It was just so soft that I had bought it before I even had the time to think about it.

Moonstone blouse

To prevent my stash from growing I used it up right away. In the Dutch pattern magazine Knipmode I found a pattern for a flowy blouse, perfect for this lightweight fabric.
  Moonstone blouse
Moonstone blouse
Moonstone blouse

The fabric was so sheer that I interfaced all seams as I learned from Olga's patterns. For the sleeve hems I used super soft elastic binding.

Moonstone blouse

The only reason why this simple blouse looks so sophisticated is because of the amazing photos. Now guess who took them? A little hint in the picture below:


Not quite what you'd expected, right? My little friend Liv, 9 years old, did all the photography for me.

Moonstone blouse

I set the camera to automatic mode and let her experiment with it. Well, that was not exactly what she wanted. "The light doesn't look good", she told me, "how can I change it?" So I explained my 9-year-old about shutter speed and diaphragm, and told her how to focus manually. She listened carefully and this is what she came up with. Isn't it amazing? This kid and her endless patience 

Moonstone blouse

When she grows up, she'll be a photographer, she told me. I bet she'll be a great one.

Fabric: Moonstone Pink, Atelier Brunette, bought at Lanalotta
Pattern: Top 25, Knipmode december 2013, size 36
Photographer: Liv 

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  1. Wow!!!!!!! I looooooove your gorgeous blouse! That fabric is so beautiful and the color looks perfect on you! And I am blown away by your little Liv's photography. She is phenomenal. So, so good. I am sure she will be a photographer, too! In fact, I would say she already is one!!


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