Monday, October 03, 2016

Here it is: our Tulip pattern!

Today is a very special day to me. Our Tulip pattern has finally been launched in English! Katrien and I designed the pattern for this dress last summer and the Dutch version has been for sale since August. As the first Tulips appeared on blogs, and especially after this stunning one was featured on the KCW blog, we repeatedly got the question if and when the pattern would become available in English. Well, here it is!
1DSC_0296 (1)First some more about the pattern itself! Tulip is a pattern that stands out because of its special design: two tulip-shaped petals that overlap on the chest and a gathered skirt that peeps from underneath them. The pattern gives you the option to choose between a top or a dress version and a closure with a hidden zipper or buttons. It comes in sizes 1 YO to 10 YO. Detailed instructions and step-by-step pictures guide both beginners and experienced seamstresses smoothly through the sewing process. The pattern and instructions can be bought for 8€ (approximately 9$ or 7£) here. After purchasing you will receive an e-mail with a download link that allows you to download the pdf files with instructions and pattern in sizes A4, A0 and Letter.
1DSC_0561All pictures were taken by me during a photoshoot we held especially for the pattern launch in August. Five little girls did a great job modeling the dresses and tops we made for them. It was still summer here so the girls all wear summer Tulips, but I hope the blog tour will convince you that winter Tulips can be just as beautiful.
1DSC_01621DSC_0179 (1)Have a look at StraightGrain's, for example. She sewed a dress for her eldest daughter Norah and I think Tulip looks super cute with tights and boots! Katrien and I owe so much to An. Not only is she one of Belgium's greatest pattern designers (see for example the Tinny dresses, Jaanu dresses or Berlin coat I made using her patterns), she is also a very friendly woman who unselfishly answered all our questions about pattern design and webshop stuff. Thank you so so much An! For participating in the tour, for your proofreading, for your kind words, but also for all of your help in the past few months! We love you! 😘
Let me just include another picture of An's dress, since it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the autumn colors and the simplicity of the fabric. Most Tulips I saw and sewed myself were made in printed fabrics but I have to admit that plain fabrics pull even more attention to the design of the dress. Something to try in the near future!
The second blogtour participant of today is Masha, aka The Itinerant Seamstress. Masha has been following my blog for a while now and she always left such sweet comments that I couldn't resist asking her for our tour. Although her sewing agenda is really busy these days she was willing to participate, which I thought was really kind of her! She sewed a dress with a hidden zipper (her first one!) for her little niece. Hop over to her blog to read the extensive description of her sewing process and her honest opinions about our pattern!
More Tulip inspiration is to follow in the next few days, when these tremendously talented seamstresses will show you their versions!
3/10StraightGrain ▲ The Itinerant Seamstress
4/10Fairies, Bubbles & Co. ▲ Liivi & Liivi5/10Leven met Liv ▲ Coffee + Thread ▲ Sisko by Mieke6/10Just Add Fabric ▲ Sewpony7/10While she was sleeping ▲ Made by Sara ▲ Le labo d'IsaWould you like to order the Tulip pattern yourself? It costs 8€ (approximately 9$ or 7£) and is for sale here! As a thanks for your enthusiasm and support on my Instagram, Facebook and blog, I'm offering you all a 10% discount on the pattern with the code HAPPYTULIP (expires October 9).
1DSC_0528 The English pattern is alongside the Dutch one in the shop, so when you order make sure to choose the right one. The difference can easily be told since the English version will cost 1€ more than the Dutch one. This price difference is entirely caused by international taxes, not by us wishing to earn more money 😉
1DSC_0844I really hope you like our pattern, so it can start its journey around the world!

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