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Launching tomorrow: the Tulip Dress and Top in English!

Last summer I spent hours and hours behind my computer and behind my sewing machine, alone or with my companion Katrien. On the 3rd of August we could finally share the result of our hard work with the world: we launched our first sewing pattern! The Tulip Dress and Top is a pdf sewing pattern  in sizes 1 YO to 10 YO.  It was a great success in Belgium and soon we got the question whether the pattern would be released in English too. Today I've got the exciting task to tell you it is! 

I attended an international school for several years so I feel quite comfortable reading and writing in English, but I hadn't expected "sewing English" to be so difficult! It took me lots of time and effort to figure everything out, but after the last proofreading I can say that I'm happy with the result!

Zebra Tulip

This result could have never been achieved without the help of our great proofreading team. Thank you so much Emi, An, Olga, Jenya, Sara, Maria, Suz and Maria! Your feedback was so helpful!

Zebra Tulip

Tulip is a pattern that stands out because of its special design: two tulip-shaped petals that overlap on the chest and a gathered skirt that peeps from underneath them. The pattern gives you the option to choose between a top or a dress version and a closure with a hidden zipper or buttons. It comes in sizes 1 YO to 10 YO. Detailed instructions and step-by-step pictures guide both beginners and experienced seamstresses smoothly through the sewing process.  

Zebra Tulip

The Tulip I'm showing today is actually the first Tulip I ever sewed. I sewed it up in June when Katrien and I were still working on the fit of the pattern. The fabric is very lightweight and roughly woven, with a feel somewhere between linen and crepe. This is the size 10 for Mila who turned 10 in January. At first the dress was too long, and while shortening it I suddenly decided to make a high-low-hem out of it. I love the way this turned out. It is not an option included in the pattern, but not that hard to add yourself ;-) One of our international testers was planning to do the same, I'm very curious to see what she did with it!

Zebra Tulip

What can you expect when buying the Tulip pattern?
- a pdf file, to be printed in A4 / A0 / letter size
- the pattern in 12 sizes, from 1 YO to 10 YO
- option to only print the desired size
- detailed instructions with clear pictures, both for the zippered and the buttoned version
- basic sewing techniques like stitching piping or adding a hidden zipper are explained, so the instructions are easy to follow for beginners
- short instructions for experienced seamstresses

Zebra Tulip

Tomorrow at 10 am GMT the pattern will be launched in the Kaatjenaaisels-shop! The launch of the pattern also marks the start of the blog tour. A team of international seamstresses will show you their interpretations of our Tulip pattern. At first I felt a little uncomfortable to contact them, since most of them are ladies I secretly admire. But they were all so kind and helpful! The coming days you'll find Tulips on the blogs of these talented ladies:

Katrien and I will provide an overview of the participants on our blogs each day to make sure you won't miss any of their beautiful Tulips. One more night until we start, I'm so excited! Mila and I are already looking forward to the tour and to your reactions :-)

Zebra Tulip

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