Monday, January 25, 2016

Cocoon Dress for ladies

**I am not a native speaker, but I try my best to translate my blog posts into English. The original Dutch version can be found here **

A few months ago, I bought this beautiful Marimekko-style fabric from Mieke's stash. Usually I don't buy fabrics without a clear goal, but I just couldn't resist this one. When I saw the Cocoon Dress pattern by Groovybaby and mama, I knew it would make a perfect match with the sweater fabric.

Cocoon Dress

The pattern comes in sizes 2yo to 12yo and can be bought here. Only a few hours after ordering, the pattern arrived in my mailbox! Since the fit of the dress is quite loose, I didn't have to make a lot of changes for my ladies version. I started from the biggest size, lengthened it and added two little darts. I also altered the sleeves based on her suggestions.

Cocoon Dress

Here in Belgium, university students have two exam periods a year: one in January and one in June. My sewing speed has slowed down a little this month since I was mostly studying, but I found some time for this easy and fast project. Sewing this dress takes less than two hours!

Cocoon Dress

My usual studying outfit consists out of a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. Not very stylish, I admit. However, this dress is so comfortable that I love to wear it while studying, yet it is decent enough for everyday use.

Cocoon Dress

The perfect dress to add some color to a rainy day!

Cocoon Dress

Fabric: bought from Sisko by Mieke
Pattern: Cocoon Dress by Groovybaby and mama (gifted to me by super friendly Trine!), with modifications
Shoes: HIP  @Hippeschoentjes
Knitted cardigan: Boozy cardigan @CKS (AW15/16)
Scarve: Anne Kurris (AW15/16)
Umbrella: Flying Tiger

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