Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sew It! challenge: January

**I am not a native speaker, but I try my best to translate my blog posts into English. The original Dutch version can be found here **

Have you heard about Project Sew It yet? I feel so lucky to be part of it. Celina Bailey, blogging at Petit à Petit +family, challenges everyone to set themselves a sewing goal which is slightly out of their comfort zone. Most of the participants have planned to do some more selfish sewing, but since most of my sewing is for myself, I decided to set my aim a little different. My goal is to sew at least one item from a self drafted or self modified pattern. I am not at all a skilled pattern designer, but I love to experiment with sewing patterns.

For my January contribution, I decided to start with an easy project. My closet was in need of some T-shirts, and the beautiful new fabric collection at Bambiblauw inspired me for this one!

I bought one panel of the Snowtiger knit, and I combined it with a plain grey knit for the sleeves.

Drafting a T-shirt pattern wasn't that hard, so I opted for some "special effects". I added some piping at the shoulders. The color of the piping is almost the same as the color of the tiger's nose.

For the back, I cut the pattern in three pieces and combined both fabrics and some more piping. For the shape of the pieces, I was inspired by a volleyball shirt of my sister's. Inspiration is hidden everywhere ;-)

Although it is a very simple garment, I am so happy with it! It is just so comfortable.

What I like most about this shirt, is the tiger fabric. It is so soft and qualitative and the print is beautiful. Unlike most knits, it was really nice to sew with.  The Happy Nature 3 line has four animals (a cat, a fox, a dog and a tiger) who each come in a poplin, a knit and a sweater version. An from StraightGrain made a gorgeous dress for her daughter in the poplin version of this snow tiger panel. And best of all: I heard they also ship to the USA!

Tiger knit fabric: Happy Nature 3 - Bambiblauw @ LanaLotta
Grey knit fabric: Swafing bij LanaLotta
Piping: LanaLotta


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