Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sew It! challenge: February

My January contribution to Project Sew It! was a last minute project: sewn on the last day of January, blogged on the first day of February. I promised myself to finish my next contribution well on time. Uuhhm... Luckily, February has an extra day this year. This means I am not blogging it on the last day of the month, so I reached my goal!
Harley - voor
My plan for 2016 is to sew at least one garment of a self drafted or modified pattern each month. Last month, I made myself a comfy T-shirt with a special back. I am working on a tutorial on how to draw a pattern like this yourself, so stay tuned!
Harley - achter
Some more about my contribution for this month. Again, I chose for a top. My closet is full of dresses and skirts but in desperate need of tops to pair with trousers. I started from the Harley Top pattern and modified it until the original pattern is hardly recognizable.
Harley - rits
I livened up the back piece by adding a faux zipper with a scrap of bird fabric behind it. Although my mom always tries to close the zipper when she washes the shirt, it's purpose is nothing but decoration.
Harley - schouder
Harley - boord
On both shoulder seams and at the bottom, I stitched some copper bias binding on the knit fabric.
Harley - voor
The neckline is the most special part of this top. I folded the fabric until I got to this asymmetrical shape, which I liked. Have you noticed my growing love for asymmetry lately?
Harley - lusje
I still had a little piece of the bias binding left, from which I made a loop.
Harley - hals
The tiny collar, which I made from the wrong side of the fabric, disappears behind the shoulders. The front part has a yoke on the inside.
Harley - schouder
The beautiful knit fabric is a leftover from the sweater I sewed for my best friend Jan this summer. It is extremely soft, so I was lucky to have just enough of the fabric to make this top for myself. I am very happy with how it turned out. Now, let's think, what shall I sew in March?
Harley - lusje

Fabric: Strass (Belgian kids fashion label who sell their overstock fabrics)
Bird fabric: Hirondelle - Atelier Brunette 
Pattern: modified Harley Top - La Maison Victor 
Handbag: Ichi


  1. I love this top, especially the front collar and the little zipper detail at the back. My mum would try to zip it up also I think haha

  2. So many cute details Eva! This is lovely.


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