Saturday, February 06, 2016


**I am not a native speaker, but I try my best to translate my blog posts into English. The original Dutch version can be found here **

I don't know about the rest of the world, but Belgian clothing brands seemed to feel a special love for pineapples last summer. At a certain moment, they were everywhere. I was trying to stand strong, trying not to buy any pineapple fabric, but I collapsed after seeing this sweater. In the blink of an eye, I had ordered some grey sweat fabric at  Petite Couture.

A Nana's bomberjack

The sweat fabric turned out to be very thick and warm, so I decided to sew a bomberjack with it that could be worn as a jacket in Fall and as a sweater in Winter. I chose a pattern from the Dutch sewing magazine Knippie. For the sleeves, I paired my pineapple fabric with the plain grey version of the same fabric.
A Nana's bomberjack

A little bling bling now and then makes a girl happy, so I altered the pattern a little to create add golden piping at the shoulders and in the back. I also topstitched all seams with a golden thread.
A Nana's bomberjack

I don't like zippers closing near my neck, but in order to keep warm, a long zipper was necessary. I added a wind stopper that gives extra warmth and folds around the top of the zipper to keep everything soft and nice over there.
A Nana's bomberjack
A Nana's bomberjack

After finishing it, I was a little disappointed. Although I had used a children's pattern (size 14), the jacket was way too big for me. My best friend said: "Eva, you look pregnant with it!" Uuhm, that was not what I meant to suggest! I took away 2 centimetres at the sides and added darts in the back.
A Nana's bomberjack

The result is wearable, although I'm not entirely satisfied. Due to the alterations I made, the inside of the jacket is not perfect anymore, and I think it still looks a little big on me. But it's comfortable and soft, so I'm happy!
A Nana's bomberjack
Fabric: A nana's grey sweater - Aime Comme Marie - ooit bij Petite Couture
Pattern: model 30 - Knippie 2/2015 - maat 164


  1. I do not blame you for caving to buy this fabric - it is awesome! I really like the jacket. Your zipper guard is a great modification that makes this jacket look truly professional. And I think the fit is great. I would wear this!

    1. I was thinking a long time about a name for this zipper guard, but I couldn't come up with the word. Not even in Dutch, so using Google Translate was not an option either ;-) Thank you for teaching me some extra sewing vocabulary!


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