Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The photoshoot of our upcoming sewing pattern!

To present our first sewing pattern, Katrien and I organized a photoshoot today. Five cute girls showed their tops and dresses and had loads of fun together. 
1DSC_0210 (1)
Liv, Loes, Eloise, Hanne and Babette were great models! And so darling cute in their me-made dresses and tops! 
1DSC_0512 (1)
Organizing the shoot was my job and I have to admit that I was quite nervous this morning. I had never organized something like this before, nor had I ever photographed so many kids at once. But everything went so well, from lighting to posing and everything in between. I am so thankful for their enthusiasm and patience, yet very very tired now ;)
1DSC_0115 (1)
Achter de schermenMore pictures are to come on Friday, after I've had some sleep ;) 
1DSC_0153 (1)
More pics on Friday, pattern launch on Sunday! These days are so exciting! At first, the pdf-pattern only comes in Dutch, but we're working on an English translation, which probably will be launched in October. I'll keep you guys posted! And if you can't wait to buy your copy of the pattern, you can always start with the Dutch instructions. They come with clear pictures, so I'm sure an experienced seamstress won't even need the words to understand :)



  1. Oh Eva!!!!!!!! Die foto's zien er geweldig uit! Je deed dat trouwens zeer goed, ik zag geen stress, wel een professionele fotograaf!

  2. Well done! I bet it was a lot of work! After seeing your tulip tees I think I will forever call the detail on the front of the dress 'The tulip petal'.

    1. You've just guessed the name of the pattern 🙈👏🏻😃

  3. Great bodice idea, gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! More about the pattern on Friday!


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