Friday, October 16, 2015

A fairytale dress (#tinnyreturns)

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My little friend Liv loves stories. She likes to tell them, she likes to listen to them. After the initial shyness, her mouth can't stand still anymore. When we are just the two of us, she tells me about her small and bigger worries, about playdates and favourite teachers. She observes the world in her own special way and she asks questions about the Big Story of Life. She settles herself on my lap and listens to my answers, since I am so tall I must know almost everything. 

When we are just the two of us, time stands still and this shy seven-year-old shows me glimpses of her thoughts.

A few weeks ago, I followed a workshop where I drew, designed and printed my own fabric. I created a mysterious fairytale landscape at night, and now I have used this unique fabric for a mysterious fairytale dress! I combined it with a beautiful woolen fabric from the local fabric store. Apparently, it was part of Paul Smith's AW/1516 collection. The quality is just amazing.

As you might have guessed already, I used the Tinnydress-pattern by StraightGrain. I was so lucky to be one of the testers! This dress is by far the most perfect dress I have ever sewn! Because of the heavy weight of the fabric, I chose to stitch the pleats 6cm instead of 2,5. This idea even made it to the Tinnyspiration-lookbook, an online lookbook full of extra (T)in(ny)spiration!

Sensitive Liv doesn't like her clothes to be too fitted, so I chose for size 7 again (just like I did with my Jaanu dress for her). Although I myself would prefer a more snug fit, the dress is just gorgeous on her! These cap sleeves! The colourblocked front! The pleats! I love them!
Tinny detail
Tinny detail
Tinny front

With the fabric leftovers, I sewed a skirt for Livs sister Mila. I made the pleats exactly like they are in the Tinny pattern. The heavy fabric makes them stand out in a funny way.

I took the sisters out for a photoshoot, which they both loved. Even after sunset, they didn't want to hear about returning to the house. We enjoyed ourselves for hours and hours: they played with the attributes I brought, and I played with my camera settings. A dreamworld with stories and stars, totally in style with their new clothes.
Reach the stars - Tinny
Between the stars - Tinny
Draw your world

Mila and Liv. Beautiful names for princesses with beautiful long hair. Tinny. Beautiful name for a perfect dress pattern. The code TINNYTESTER20 will give you a 20% discount in the shop!

Oh happy day!

I love Tinny, and I love these girls even more (babysitters aren't allowed to have favorites, but I can't help it! These two are just too lovely!)  To the moon, and all the way back.
Love you to the moon and back

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  1. Such a lovely dress!! Love the front panel! The photos where the sisters are together are adorable:-)


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