Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Raglan Sweater

**Uitgebreide Nederlandstalige versie hier**

My best friend is an admirer of my sewing. Every time I make something for myself, I ask him for advice, and he is the first one to show it to. He even likes fabric shopping!
For his birthday, I made him a sweater in the softest fabric I ever felt. I bought it on a stock sale of the Belgian children's brand Strass. When I arrived at the pay desk, there was only one metre of this fabric left. I was so happy to still have a piece!
ChessSweaterJan ChessSweaterJan

The pattern is called "Chess Sweater", and it comes from the Belgian sewing magazine La Maison Victor. It can be bought here.
ChessSweaterJan Those sweaters are so quick and easy to sew! Nevertheless, Jan was very happy with his new sweater, and so was I.ChessSweaterJan

Fabric: woven knit, fabric sale Strass
Pattern: Chess Sweater, La Maison Victor jan-feb 2015


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