Saturday, October 24, 2015

Compagnie M. - contest 2015: A Parisian girl in the woods

*Uitgebreidere Nederlandstalige versie hier*

Ileana cape
Normally, I do not like competitions at all. Maybe my lack of talent in almost every sport has something to do with that :) But when I heard about the Compagnie M. - contest, I immediately knew I wanted to take part!

My aim was to design a pattern for myself, mixing elements from different children's dresses by Compagnie M. I ended up with:
- Lotta's folded collar
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta
- Ileana's raglan sleeves, which I lengthened to Louisa-length. I added some golden piping.
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta
- For the basis of the dress, I used Louisa. I have liked the special lines ever since it was released, and used yellow satin piping to draw the attention to them.
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta (zij)

- mustard yellow, thé real Compagnie M.-colour!
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta (zak)
To be unique, I also added a 'With Love - by Eva'-element. I added a contrasting part to the pocket part, in beautiful handprinted fabric by Lotte Martens. The quality is amazing, just like the beauty of the golden flowers. Because they are handprinted, every panel is slightly different and therefore unique!
Ileana, Lousia, Lotta and Eva combined, look like ... this!
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta
Louisa - Ileana - Lotta
For the cape, I used the Ileana skirt as a basis. I changed the shoulderline using the raglansleeve-pattern piece. I cut the front piece to add armholes ...
Ileana cape
Ileana cape
... and the back piece to add a little more of the beautiful flowers!
Ileana cape
I had planned a button placket and a peter pan collar, just like the original Ileana pattern has. But in the end, it turned out better with an asymmetrical closure. So, I used the fabric I had bought for the collar to make a little scarf!
Ileana cape
Ileana cape

I hope this entry will charm the you and the jury :) Until the 3rd of November, you can vote here by clicking the little heart in the upper right corner of the blog post. Lots of beautiful creations were uploaded, so make sure to have a look at the others! One vote per creation per computer, so you have the opportunity to vote for all of your favorites!

Louisa - Ileana - Lotta

Fabric for dress: thin grey wool by Prada
Fabric for pleated parts in dress and cape: Nivalis katoen - handprinted by Lotte Martens - for sale at Bambiblauw and de Stoffenkamer
Fabric for dress lining: Sketch Gold - Timeless Treasures
Fabric for cape: grey wool
Fabric for scarf: white teddy fleece with golden sparkles


  1. Wow!!! You look like you belong in a magazine. Or a magical fairytale! Beautiful in every way!


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