Thursday, April 28, 2016

With Love by Eva celebrates her fourth blogging birthday!

After my birth, my grandma took sewing classes and started making cute little clothes for her first grandchild. And she passed her passion on to me! Every summer holiday we spent at her house, she teached me how to sew clothes for my dolls. Almost six years ago, she gave me my own sewing machine! The best present ever. I can't imagine how many hours I spent with it since then.

After two years of sewing and blog following, I felt like it was time to write my own blog. With Love - by Eva was born! The amount of visitors increased, especially those from foreign countries, so a few months ago I started writing in English as well. I am so happy to welcome all of you English readers!

Blogging has brought me so much. New friends whom I met at blogdates and sewing days en workshops and events. Interesting cooperations with Jongens Toch!FinchFabricsLiesellove and especially the Belgian textile designer Lotte Martens. So many inspiration and energy to sew more and to try new things. I feel like I'm growing every year! 

My favorite makes of With Love - by Eva's fourth year were:

In the category 'ladies clothes': de Nina Culottes I made myself last summer.
Nina Culottes - zij

In the category 'childrens clothing': the testers Tinny I made for Liv in fabric designed and screenprinted by myself. By far my most perfect dress ever!
Tinny detail

In the category 'mens clothing': the Chess sweater I made for my best friend Jan.

The 'non-clothing' category is quite empty ;-) This laptop sleeve for my brother still makes us both happy.
Meneer de Student

And you? Which makes of the last year were your favorites?
4 jaar With Love by Eva

Birthdays are way better when you celebrate them with others, so I'm throwing a party with presents to win on Instagram and Facebook! Both giveaways are open to international entries, although the books are both written in Dutch. Winners will be announced May 9.

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